OS: Android - Memperbaiki IMEI yang rusak

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If you have already lost your phone’s IMEI, do this-

  1. Note down your phone’s IMEI. You can find it below the phone’s battery or on the box that it came in when you bought it.
  2. Create a backup of the corrupt IMEI file and open it with NotePad++ or any other text editor.
  3. Separate your IMEI number into blocks of two digits, leaving the first digit alone. Suppose your phone’s IMEI is 35516705558781901, separate it like this: 3  55  16  70  55  58  78  19  01
  4. Now add “A” after the first digit, and reverse the sequence of the two numbers in each block of 2 digits. Add 08 in the beginning of the IMEI. Here is an example: 08  3A  55  61  07  55  85  87  91  10

$ Having done this, replace the first nine values in the NV block with the converted IMEI.

  1. Click on Write button on the NV-items_reader_writer tool.
  2. When it’s done, disconnect device and reboot it.