OpenWRT: Routing ke usb tethering

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On the Smartphone

Enable USB Tethering on your Smartphone and connect it with the USB cable to your routers USB port. On the router

Use the new usb0 (or for some cases eth1) network device as WAN connection and set the protocol to DHCP client mode.

uci del network.wan
uci set network.wan=interface
uci set network.wan.ifname=usb0
uci set network.wan.proto=dhcp
uci commit network

After commiting the changes to the network configuration bring up the WAN interface to obtain an IP, gateway and DNS address from your Smartphones DHCP server.

ifup wan

Testing the connection

Login to the OpenWrt router with SSH at With logread


With ifconfig

ifconfig $(uci get network.wan.ifname)

With ping

ping -c 4